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Comment: n/a United States nisha62 is a Single Female who is -8 years of age and from United States. She classes herself as a Straight Female, is 5'9" in height and has a Medium build. She joined us on Jan 2006 and says that if she was an animal she'd be a love bird!

Blue eyes... Black hair... Would be a love bird...
Comment: me ....11-8-05 United States DeeDee is a Divorced Female who is 10 years of age and from United States. She classes herself as a Straight Female, is 5'1" in height and has a Slim build. She joined us on Nov 2005 and says that if she was an animal she'd be a lion!

details: I am cool....have 4 great kids tiat i love verry much...and thay love me the same...3 grown,1 at home with me he is 8....i love haveing fun. getting CRAZZZY,, don:t drink ,or drugs....i don:t need it to have fun......

Green eyes... Red hair... Would be a lion...
Comment: Taken during 15 day cruise to Hawaii in April 2007 United States Gene is a Single Male who is 29 years of age and from United States. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'8" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Mar 2008 and says that if he was an animal he'd be an eagle!

details: I'm looking for a good looking woman between 30 and 55, 5' to 5'8", slender to average build. I'm retired, romantic, passionate, physically fit, sexually ready, between slim to average build, light smoker, social drinker, no drugs, STD free, cut my hair close, wear nice fitting expensive clothes, own my home, cars, boat, and island beach house. I'm a nudists that loves nude parties, like to travel yearly, can't sing but still try, expert with pistol, rifle, or bow, like camping and eating seafood, enjoy holding hands and public affection, open-minded, in the lifestyle, love sex, kissing, hugging, cuddling, snuggling, expert with my tongue south of the border, don't like cold weather, enjoy boating and warm beaches, adventuresome, spontaneous, and like dancing. If you match and like these, then Great! Don't contact me if you don't have at least two photos for me to see, one of which is topless or naked. I'm offering a lot, so I want to see what you have to offer.

Brown eyes... White/Grey hair... Would be an eagle...
Comment: Day out in Blackpool. x. United Kingdom foxy is a Almost Divorced Female who is 5 years of age and from United Kingdom. She classes herself as a Bi Female, is 5'6" in height and has a Medium build. She joined us on Mar 2005 and says that if she was an animal she'd be a cat!

details: Hello Ladies, I am looking for friendship & fun with another Bi-Female age 28-45. I am bubbley, caring, outgoing and love to live life when given the chance. I am looking for someone who has all the above and more. Must enjoy cinema, music,dancing and enjoys a visit to the local and letting her hair down. Enjoys cosy nights in with a good bottle of wine and good film, Plenty of cuddles, kisses and feeling wanted. What are you waitng for get in touch.x.

Brown eyes... Dark Brown hair... Would be a cat...
Comment: n/a Russian Federation Shketana is a Single Female who is -13 years of age and from Russian Federation. She classes herself as a Straight Female, is 5'11" in height and has a Medium build. She joined us on Oct 2006 and says that if she was an animal she'd be a cat!

details: I very cheerful and sociable person, love the good companies, cheerful parties, also like to go to cinema. I like to listen to music which cheers up. Sometimes I like to hear something slow and romantic. I have some hobby - I adore being going and I really good cook, I know many the various refined dishes. I search for the person who would have the following qualities: Nobleness, honesty, trust, responsiveness, the help a difficult minute, care of the near person, love, diligence, understanding, possession sense of humor. Among men in Russia I to not find to myself the man which would be for me as desirable, I not so trust to men in Russia. The person whom I shall grow fond also which will love truly me and the care of me, this person finds out me all and I always shall try to make so that this the man was the happiest the man on light! I dream in the future to have children: the boy and the girl, and the happy family to live in the consent and the world with loved by the man.

Blue eyes... Multi Coloured hair... Would be a cat...
Comment: enjoy ladies. any way you want :)
express yourselves to me. as long as it\'s not stalking I won\'t be offended. United States Daniel is a Single Male who is -15 years of age and from United States. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 6'6" in height and has a Slim build. He joined us on Oct 2006 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a love bird!

details: I love to cuddle I love bondage I am STD free I expect my friends who I play with and please to be STD free as well I'm harmless I would never hurt a woman in any way and wether a woman is a shemale, drag queen, hermaphrodite, tg lady of any kind, ts of any kind, passable cd lady, passable tv, female impersonater, or gg literally I will please and pamper her any way I can. I hate cheating. so if we do date you can't cheat on me and break my heart. You have to be faithful. I am an Aries and I am faithful. I have been single for 9 years and am a virgin as well. I crossdress to understand women dressing more. I will always love and adore women rightly always. so ladies come play, cuddle and more with me. I don't bite. I am here to make you happy and make friends as well. and have good vibes and good times. MUAHHHHHHS to all the ladies out there. I find you all attractive I have just listed. I wanna rock your world ladies

Hazel eyes... Dark Brown hair... Would be a love bird...
Comment: My Mail address is Ireland Hugh is a Single Male who is 6 years of age and from Ireland. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'11" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Aug 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a dog!

details: *** DonnKeye att ya whoo ddott ccomm ...Can you drool? Can you look cool? can make you look cooler coolest of all in front of your friends - even cooler than that in front of your boss. Likes to stay in for a quiet night discretely likes to go out revelling indiscretely find a restaurant and not take you there find THE romantic restaurant & take you there. Take you to your choice of restaurant. Give you flowers that will bloom as you do - thats a lot of flowers! Surprise you often even at sunrise at any rise converse with you keeping you interested where you laugh at least 1/2 the time share ideas and feelings with you feel you with shared ideas fill you with my ideas listen to your opinion in case of dispute - focus on issue not the person in case of no dispute - focus on you the person. Whisper sweet nothings to you not just first time maintain the rage - passion runs hot kiss like you ve never been kissed before carry you to bed gently carry to you bed hungrily carry you to bed where there is no bed ... I am a Virgo, and that makes me particularly particular about a lot of things. Like, things being tidy and organised, toilet seats kept down/up!!, keeping a (not so) immaculate home, punctuality, laziness and much more. This, of course drives most people to distraction. oh eight six three nine six oh two six three That said, I have a tenacity and loyalty, which is difficult to find. However, I am passionate about that loyalty being reciprocated. I love to laugh. I enjoy working out and travelling, cooking, and a good film whether at home or at the cinema. I am acquiring a passion for old soul especially from the late 70's and early 80's, R&B, Old Skool, Lovers Rock, Jazz, & Salsa __ :) I am tall, average build. I have short dark hair, deep and calm blue eyes with a beautiful smile too :) . Im a fun-warm-loving and caring (phew!). I value honesty and loyalty, Because I think those are the two of the most important things in any relationship. I enjoy reading, watchin' soccer match on TV, browsin' the internet or hanging out somewhere with my friends. Im looking for a fun and loving person, who can be a bestfriend for the rest of my life and ready to have a serious relationship. If you want to be a penpal first, thats OK . Let's see what develops between us :)___ In terms of a significant other half, my ideal partner doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous, but I don't want a Quasimodo either. High on my list of MUST HAVES is an sense of humour and the ability to be able to laugh at herself. She needs to be slick and smart (even in casuals) during the day, and sexy and seductive at night. Romance!! A girl's got to have it, & will get it ... but I want it too!!! Sensitivity & sensuality coupled with honesty and integrity will arrest my attention and humour & laughter coupled with sincerity and unconditional love will keep it. My preference is not over weight... maybe waifish ... maybe smallish... maybe biggish ... The whole package will get me!An extrovert, who is non-judgemental and enjoys a laugh. I am not by any means perfect, I have my faults like everyone, but I know who I am and what I want, and you should too! LATE ADDITION... I'm not wealthy, so please ... No More out & out GOLDDIGGERS! Normal people only!!! :) Thank you!!!

Blue eyes... Dark Brown hair... Would be a dog...

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