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Comment: it's me, in some cave .. Yugoslavia eccentric is a Single Male who is 4 years of age and from Yugoslavia. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'8" in height and has a Slim build. He joined us on Aug 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a tiger!

details: nothing for now, in the future i'll be more creative .... :-))

Brown eyes... Black hair... Would be a tiger...
Comment: Moni United States Moni is a Single Female who is -11 years of age and from United States. She classes herself as a Straight Female, is 5'8" in height and has a Athletic build. She joined us on Jul 2006 and says that if she was an animal she'd be a rabbit!

details: Women with great achievements are respected not for the things they realy do but for the choices they make . I have decide to be a simple, loving and impacting person who apart from the achievements of great feet i have planned to have also plan to have a very loving husband and family. For this is the secret to happiness in life, as life is better reffered as a juxtapositioning of different things or say and incoherent cohession of mumble jumble so is my life a mixture of different things, skills, potentials and styles but one thing that unifies all this is the manner by which i express this indept characteristics and that is with a touch of simplicity, love for my fellow man, a mind of philantropy, credence to the Lord God and finally with great love for my loved one. If love were music as it is said pls play on and let it serenade my soul as nothing in the world compares to love. This is the way i want my soulmate to think of me and to think when it comes to love. He should be simple in thoughts, resolute and principled in doings, smooth in talks and loving to others, to me he must be caring and get to know me as only those who love me can know me. If he posseses not these qualities, i will teach him. Whom we meet and dont, affect us a lot as success and failure is concerned in all the diverse aspects of life. More reason why we crave to meet the most seasoned of individuals and personalities. If i were given the chance to choose the qualities of my sweetheart, i would want a mannerism of simplicity, that of love not just for me but also for humanity. A much more greater love for God from him and in him, i should see not just a lover but also a friend to the very end whom will trust in me even in the face of a contrary evidence. whats more he must be a bit jovial (cheerfull if thats the word) and tolerant.

Brown eyes... Black hair... Would be a rabbit...
Comment: n/a United Kingdom Chris is a Single Male who is -14 years of age and from United Kingdom. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'11" in height and has a Athletic build. He joined us on Jun 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a lion!

details: Hi, Im 22 good looking and looking for an attractive girl with a great personality.

Hazel eyes... Dark Brown hair... Would be a lion...
Comment: this is me waiting for a perfect partner India raj is a Single Male who is -7 years of age and from India. He classes himself as a Bi Male, is 5'10" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Aug 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a dog!

details: am staright n down to earth .highly romantic with very wild thoughts.i love truth and simplicity.

Black eyes... Black hair... Would be a dog...
Comment: All dressed up & nowhere to go! United Kingdom Robin is a Almost Single Male who is 21 years of age and from United Kingdom. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'11" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Apr 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a lion!

details: Hi there, My name is Robin. I知 a young at heart 56. I知 not overweight although I have to watch what I eat as I do have something of a sweet tooth at times. I知 told have a good sense of humour, I admit I can not be full of humour all the time (who can?). I have been alone for about 4 years and admit I really do yearn for someone special to be with. Fortunately I have no hang-ups except I do have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve. I知 also told I知 a 堵entleman, perhaps I知 a bit old fashioned that way, but I was brought up to respect women, and still stand back and hold doors, help don coats etc. I have three children (girl, boy, girl). My eldest daughter and son both live and work in Leeds, my youngest, and only married, daughter lives in Manchester, she has given me a granddaughter (22 months) who I adore, and I知 due to become a granddad again in October. I have recently moved and downsized to a three bedroom bungalow which I now own outright (no mortgage). I have two dogs (both rescue mongrels) and two cats (inherited from my children when they left home). I have two cars (one new, one a skip on wheels), a BMW motorcycle, a motorhome and a narrowboat. The latter two take up much of my leisure time with me going away for weekends, plus the necessary maintenance of the boat which is old and scruffy but serviceable for now. I like dancing, anything from a smoochy waltz, to daft disco like pizza hut. I often thought about trying Salsa but I知 not sure I知 agile enough these days. I am still in full time employment. I like holidays, especially to hot places, and am equally happy chilling out in the sun or doing the tourist sight seeing bit, in practice it tends to be a bit of a mix. I致e often thought I would like to retire to Spain or the Canaries. I have always been a bit of a water baby and have sailed small dinghies to large ocean going yachts, including racing. I have also sub-aqua dived, power boated, windsurfed and canoed. For some years I helped out with my sons scout group and have therefore camped under canvas on many occasions. I enjoy recreational walking and cycling, going to the theatre, but I知 not a great one for TV or cinema I do both, but quite irregularly. It痴 not that I don稚 like them I just don稚 seem to have enough time. I long for someone to give me a hug when I知 down, a peck on the cheek and so on. I知 not a loner and can稚 contemplate spending the rest of my days single. I知 looking for a lady prepared to become a friend in the hope that romance may blossom. If I have not put you off please reply to me: if not well thanks for reading this anyway, and good luck with your search. Take Care, I hope to hear from you. Robin

Blue eyes... Light Brown hair... Would be a lion...
Comment: hi United States johnson003CT is a Divorced Male who is 3 years of age and from United States. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 6'0" in height and has a Athletic build. He joined us on Mar 2007 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a lion!

details: Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I was born and raised in italy. I moved to the US in 2002 but now am out for work be back soon. I have all my family down there but for now i do not have anyone in my life anymore why? i lost my family 6yrs ago. But here is where I chose to live. Yes! I love CT and its people. Back on this site and hoping to meet someone who wants to do something great with her life. Who believes that life is a gift and we have to give it back leaving this world better, taking care of it, helping others, and wants to have a family someday. I知 a good guy who comes from a great family. I admire my parents and I壇 like my kid to think of me the same way. I'm very active and like to spend a lot of time on outdoors activities. I grew up in a area with mountains, lakes and rivers, and enjoy skiing and fishing. I hope to have my boat and a dirt bike some day. I started training for a triathlon last month, it痴 very demanding, but I like the challenge. I知 not in my best age to play a sport, but this is a great way to stay fit and active. I take a flight or my car to visit new places anytime. I've been in 4 states and I won't stop till visit the rest. Traveling is the most that I like. I知 very entrepreneur. I had two passions in the past, cooking and working out, which drove me to have my own restaurant and a gym club when I was in Argentina. Now I have a new one, boats. I guess I値l have my own business related to this some day. I知 working on it. More about me? Later. Lets meet for a good glass of wine. P.s. I do match my shoes, belt, jacket and sometimes my wallet :)

Blue eyes... Blonde hair... Would be a lion...
Comment: n/a United Kingdom taz is a Single Male who is -6 years of age and from United Kingdom. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'9" in height and has a Muscular build. He joined us on Nov 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a love bird!

details: Live life to the full, take each opportunity that comes your way, never judge people before getting to know them, try to remember each cloud has a silver lining and although love hurts not to have been loved at all is worse!! look inside me u find some one soft full of love to give to that one person im looking for is it u dont think maybe? !!find out !!

Brown eyes... Black hair... Would be a love bird...

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