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Comment: me ....11-8-05 United States DeeDee is a Divorced Female who is 10 years of age and from United States. She classes herself as a Straight Female, is 5'1" in height and has a Slim build. She joined us on Nov 2005 and says that if she was an animal she'd be a lion!

details: I am cool....have 4 great kids tiat i love verry much...and thay love me the same...3 grown,1 at home with me he is 8....i love haveing fun. getting CRAZZZY,, don:t drink ,or drugs....i don:t need it to have fun......

Green eyes... Red hair... Would be a lion...
Comment: n/a Iran, Islamic Republic of Mehdi is a Single Female who is 3 years of age and from Iran, Islamic Republic of. She classes herself as a Bi Female, is 6'3" in height and has a Muscular build. She joined us on Dec 2005 and says that if she was an animal she'd be a skunk!

details: Hi To ALl Iam Mehdi Heydari From Iran For Tehran . IAm Very Hapy

Hazel eyes... Black hair... Would be a skunk...
Comment: n/a Kuwait hanz is a Almost Single Male who is -13 years of age and from Kuwait. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'10" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Nov 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a skunk!

details: Days in ‘high’ I rem…… Sitting within a circle, on a dirty rag, One rolling here, another spliff there, Ooh, I need a drag, c’mon I need a drag, Each one taking their time, I cannot bear, Aaah, finally is one in my hands, And just as I’m about to puff, it turns to sand, Damn, its just a dream once again, Need one for real or I’ll go insane!!! Get out of bed and turn on the trance, Dancing, welcoming this beautiful day, And just like everyday, catches my glance, Those pretty girls whose skirts always sway, As they go home after church where they pray, To the heavens above and the pope whose away, Never makes any sense to me, that’s what I say. Its time for classes, all full of those asses, And I pick up my bag and take a note book, To draw some tities during the lecture, For if I don’t, my brain gets a fracture, I stop on the way to pick a ciggy, And stack it in my bag next to my pile of grass, Ooh, look look there goes that hippie, Say the nerdy girls, who don’t even shave their ass! I try to enter the college through the back, For to share with those brats, I just lack. Just as I think no one has seen me and alls fine, Hey man, got something I just finished mine, Say no probs and decide to knock him out, So we head, where my seeds have sprout, Under a tree in the bushes, where no one can see, Roll a quick one, get em smashed and I flee, Reach my class just before the bell, “she is upset with you” your girl told me to tell, says a girls who gets on my nerves, but I spare her all the time, cos of her curves. Suddenly I hear the bell and wake up, Wow, its all over I musta slept thro it all, And spot my girl, in the cafeteria as its so small, I don’t see us working out, says the bitch, I know that would be great, so I don’t flitch, As there would be so much more time to get high, So I give her what she wants and say bye, Hmmm, what to do now its about to rain, Another joint and am high again, Watching the drops fall on the ground, Try to get a grip, as my mind wanders around. I see a girl sitting by herself, in the bushes, Would you like to turn some of my grass to ashes, She says she only smokes hash, Don’t have any on me, as I’m short of cash, Its ok, I have a small piece on me, says she, Wow, amazing finally someone just like me, We both smoke it and then wonder what to say, I think I’d like to go out with you, is it ok, Its fine with me, I aint seeing nobody, Any plans ahead, or would you make out with me. It was amazing, she was a bomb I must say, Think I’ll wrap it up and call it a day, So I head for home, after a short rave, And remember I have something in my pocket, A little a piece from what that girl gave, If only she knew, she’d never let me her socket, One last one before I hit the bed, Aaahhh…….. Finally can close my eyes, as they turn red, Suddenly, the phone rings and am wondering who, Damn you man, whatever did I do, She was in tears and sounded real bad, How can you just forget the good times we had, Guess am not escaping that easily, as I thought, What is it girl you want nothing I’ve got. Finally after its all said and done, Am definitely free and once again ready for fun, Hey, I need a puff man, c’mon pass it, And smoke away watching the setting sun, Nice dream am having, all now I need is a tit, And she appears the girl I met earlier, What are you holding, is that a beer, And before I hear what she had said, I see that bottle come crashing on my head, Hey what are you doing is this a joke ? Damn you man I need a smoke…. Wake up once again, to get me a smoke, And remember the girl who’s heart I broke, Time for a joint, to start my day, And wonder if we meet, what to say, Anything would happen, so many ways, Damn I really miss those college days………… Hanse! --- hansel4you - yahoo - com

Brown eyes... Black hair... Would be a skunk...
Comment: n/a France Selina is a Single Female who is -13 years of age and from France. She classes herself as a Straight Female, is 5'6" in height and has a Slim build. She joined us on Mar 2007 and says that if she was an animal she'd be a tiger!

details: Bonjour monsieur,im in Paris on the 29th of march..Ever think of being dominate by a shemale like me??Curious??Well,im here to solve it...I may look innocent,but gentlemen,DONT JUDGE BOOKS BY ITS COVER.Iam classy,sensuos,voluptios,adorable,cute,wild,friendly,funny,tanned,exotic,pretty,sexy,naughty,bithchy,funky post-op shemale that can make your dream come true..What you see is what you'll get.No worries as i can fullfill your fantasy and create a very good game,gentlemen out there with big tools,i can handle it even from behind and deep throat,though i LOVE big tools,turns me on!!.....Iam not an ordinary shemale,iam the combination of man and a woman...Wonder what can i give you??I know what every men desires and i can be your toys or you'll be mine...Ive got many experiences,and dont be shy to share it with me.EXPRESS IT!!....Iam wild and also agressive when you want me to...So gentlemen,let we explore our wildest and erotic fantasy together....Call me!Muaaaahhh!and dont 4get to email me...

Black eyes... Black hair... Would be a tiger...
Comment: well this is me taken about a year ago United Kingdom philip is a Single Male who is -16 years of age and from United Kingdom. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 6'0" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Dec 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a love bird!

details: hi im philip or pip most of the people i know call me pip i live in bradford.moving to nairn in the spring I am currently unemployed however i am going to start up buisness on my own reacently finished college doing a b-tec in horticulture. i am about 5ft 11in tall advrage build dark blond hair in winter light in summer shorter than my picture. i am looking for a friend at first and see how it goes from there. i am polite friendly affectionate person once you get to know me. people have always said i am a good listener. i use to be involved in a lot of sports during college hoping to get back into them soon i am moving to nairn soon

Brown eyes... Blonde hair... Would be a love bird...
Comment: n/a United Kingdom MARK is a Single Male who is 7 years of age and from United Kingdom. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'11" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Aug 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a cat!


Blue eyes... Dark Brown hair... Would be a cat...
Comment: n/a United States james is a Divorced Male who is 16 years of age and from United States. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'10" in height and has a Muscular build. He joined us on Oct 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be an elephant!

details: Well, mybe not that interesting. I own small Transport company in USA, I speak German and English, love Opera, literature, and Gardening. i am quiet, sincere, and loving and search for the same.

Blue eyes... Light Brown hair... Would be an elephant...

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