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Comment: n/a New Zealand Stefan is a Single Male who is 3 years of age and from New Zealand. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 6'1" in height and has a Athletic build. He joined us on Nov 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a tiger!

details: Man of adventure on an exciting and ever changing journey. I work hard but also take time to smell the roses constantly trying to find that balance. I am of the belief that I am headed towards my life purpose and that has me pretty jazzed. So have you heard this one yet?....."Easy going and down to earth...yeah, yeah" (is there anybody not easy going and down to earth????), of course though, I am honest, confident, clean, although most comfortable in my fave jeans I can be very presentable (scrub up ok and show well at any dog show), sociable, charismatic, a classic romantic, professional and entrepreneurial. I thoroughly enjoy travelling and have been fortunate enough to have seen a fair bit of this world already but there's plenty more to experience in the future. I enjoy outdoor pursuits, spontaneity, touching and sensual caresses.... building anticipation for hours....:) I'm also not adverse to intense *electricity* passionate kisses in public and soft tender massages (no...not in public!) Yes....I like to give as good as get.... :) Like to dance 1-2 X / week (Ceroc and intend to start Latin soon), practice Aikido (martial art), enjoy reading (I am a voracious reader - both fiction and non) and enjoy diving and fishing (when I get the chance). I am into experiencing new things and like to push my comfort zones. I would love to get more involved with other activities like mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, horse riding, etc...basically, I'm prepared to give just about anything a go. I really do like to cook (honest, that's not just a line either)....warning though....can be hit and miss :). I keep myself fit at the gym and try to eat healthy as often as I can (o but I do enjoy pizza....yumyum). For the rest of the mystery you'll just have to ask me....don't be shy.. "You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love:.... the running across fields into your lover's arms can only come later when you're sure they won't laugh if you trip." - Jonathan Carroll He describes his ideal match thus: "I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her lips, one touch of her hand...than an eternity without it...ONE." - Nicholas Cage in City of Angels Looking to make friends, enjoy some good time activities and lots of laughs. I am not looking for a woman to live with....I am looking for one I CANNOT live without. As far as what I could be looking for, there are no hard and fast rules here, ultimately attraction is not a conscious choice, we are either attracted to one another or we are not. In saying that, like attracts like. I expect you will be happy, spontaneous, self assured, witty, fit, healthy, clean, honest, caring, sexy, comfortable with you, can handle your own, and you take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually (what ever that may be for you). You are content indoors for quiet nights, dinner out with friends or spending quality time together outdoors, whether camping, cycling, skiiing, or just hanging out at the beach or whatever else you enjoy doing. Along with ongoing and caring communication (talking, laughing, touching, body language, smiling etc), loving affection and intimacy is an integral part of any successful, content and fulfilling relationship. I would like to hope that neither of us would ever be singing "I can't get no...satisfaction". We have one shot at this life and it's up to us to design it the way we want it. So let's stop wasting the precious moments and start living, start experiencing as much as you can, start loving, start laughing more, smile more, do a good deed, face a fear and overcome it, take the bull by the horns (did you notice I was a Taurus) and ultimately enjoy is too short to be too damn serious!! It's your life...take some action and do something now, take a chance or two, whether it's with me or not doesn't matter...just get out there and do it. Life is a journey, not a destination, so come on...grab my hand and let's make it the ride of our lives!!

Blue eyes... Dark Brown hair... Would be a tiger...
Comment: THIS IS ONE OF THE BAD PICS ASK FOR MORE. Nigeria danbada2002 is a Single Male who is -8 years of age and from Nigeria. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'9" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Aug 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a lion!


Black eyes... Black hair... Would be a lion...
Comment: It's Me! United Kingdom Kristopher is a Single Male who is -10 years of age and from United Kingdom. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'10" in height and has a Muscular build. He joined us on Sep 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a penguin!

details: Too say I am sporty is liking saying the Titanic took on a bit of water!!!!!! I hate doing descriptions but I always think honesty is the best thing so here goes. I am a confident but quite shy guy, my interests are sport, as I try to keep fit, Places of interest, WWE and Xbox. I am a caring, considerate, warm individual that has been burnt in two serious relationships so I am very weary when it comes to getting into a relationship at moment. This is why I am initially looking for friendship, Want to make sure it's right before I get burned again. My ideal partner is basically someone who is very calm, can have a laugh and enjoys similar things to me which is nights in curled up listening to some music or a good film, A drink occasionally in a pub or bar, To go out for a nice meal, enjoys days out whether it be walking through countryside or visiting places of interest. Basically someone who is relaxed and wants to talk.

Hazel eyes... Multi Coloured hair... Would be a penguin...
Comment: n/a United Kingdom Emma is a Married Male who is 11 years of age and from United Kingdom. He classes himself as a Bi Male, is 5'3" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Nov 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a rabbit!

details: Hi all, I am Emma a Bi-sexual bottom, very naughty TV toddler girl, little girl or school girl as my title makes clear. I am a regular non-scene apparantly hetro guy to people around me, but for fun I like to seduce or be seduced as a little girl by a man. Are you a man who likes naughty little girls in perhaps a pretty frilly dress with frilly satin panties and training bra. Would you like to put her over your knee lift her dress up and spank her little bottom through her panties because she has been very naughty? Would you like to get her to do naughty things to you and let you take advantage of her? Maybe you would prefer a schoolgirl in short pleated skirt and pigtails, with something extra in her panties. It could be six of the best with a swishy cane is what she deserves. Or perhaps you would like to change a little toddlers wet nappy and enjoy some spanking and WS with her. If any of the above takes your fancy why not get in touch.

Blue eyes... None/Not Much Left hair... Would be a rabbit...
Comment: I like it :) Ukraine Andriy is a Single Male who is -13 years of age and from Ukraine. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'7" in height and has a Athletic build. He joined us on Jun 2006 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a dog!

details: I'm lawyer from Ukraine who very like sport! Write me!

Blue eyes... Dark Brown hair... Would be a dog...
Comment: n/a United Kingdom acanders is a Divorced Male who is 6 years of age and from United Kingdom. He classes himself as a Straight Male, is 5'8" in height and has a Athletic build. He joined us on May 2006 and says that if he was an animal he'd be an eagle!

details: I have a natural caring and sensitive nature. Courteous and respectful of others feelings. Not into giving or receiving pain but pleasure. Will succumb to another's needs but will lead the way if required. Discretion will be upheld at all times. I am fairly busy with work commitments so patience would be appreciated. Would start with e-mail and hopefully lead to an intimate liaison for some one on one fun.

Brown eyes... None/Not Much Left hair... Would be an eagle...
Comment: n/a Germany Marcel is a Single Male who is 2 years of age and from Germany. He classes himself as a Bi Curious Male, is 6'5" in height and has a Medium build. He joined us on Jul 2005 and says that if he was an animal he'd be a love bird!

details: Where are you ? I search my future bride for a fantastic time in the next 30 years or longer. If you look like Paris Hilton , it will be fine. But if you dont be like Paris, I will like you too. Females or shemales can sent a hello to marcel point lenz at t-online point de . I answer soon, I promise. Bye yours Marcel.

Hazel eyes... Dark Brown hair... Would be a love bird...

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